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Specializing in the Art of Temporary Window Painting

Barber Signs of Ventura, CA has been in business since 1979 and is recognized as one of the pioneers in California window splash art. Nick Barber, founder of Barber Signs, literally wrote the book "How To Paint Watercolor Window Splashes" and was featured in the film "Sign Painters" by directors Faythe Levine and Sam Macon.

Nick is a graduate of The Chicago Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in Cartooning. Yes, they give degrees for it! After doing caricatures at Magic Mountain for five years, Nick applied his talents to retail windows for the holidays. Pretty soon his customers were asking for signs year-round and Barber Signs was established.

Nick's client list is diverse. Ranging from local one-store operations to nationwide chains such as Taco Bell, Nick's work has taken him all over the country. His art has also been featured in national commercials for Aetna and Nike, and you can even spot his work in an Alan Jackson music video. 

Barber Signs currently serves the Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties in California. If you're interested in working with Nick, you can reach him at or via the contact page on this site. 

Nick Barber How To... Paint Watercolor Window Splashes
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